Outsourcing Provider Services

There are  three  types  of  RiteSourced  outsourcing  provider  advisory  services:  workshops  –  addressing  key topics  within  eight  areas  of  client  interest;   tools   –  that  provide  key  capabilities  in  analysis,  productivity  and  best practices;  consulting   –  for  client  concerns  not  addressed  by  customized  workshops  or  tools.


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Eleven  workshops   cover  eight   provider   topic  areas.     These  eleven  workshops   focus   on   key   provider  concerns,   including:    Effective  Pursuit   Management;    Compelling    Proposals;    Competitive   Solution   Architecture   &   Pricing.
All  participants  receive  a  free  annual  license  for  each  tool  used  in  the  workshop.
Each  workshop  is  held  at   the  client’s  site  and  is  customized   for  them.
A   post-workshop   webinar   is   held   with   participants,   addressing    their   experience   actively   using   new  knowledge   and   tools.

Each  of   the  workshop  topic  areas   is  supported  by  four   tool  productivity  categories:   Analytic;   Best  Practices;   Frameworks;   Templates.
All   tools   are   available   for   individual   purchase   through  annual  licenses,   with   the   exception  of   Best   Practices   tools.   Those   come   with  a   lifetime  license.
Each  tool  license  includes  an  annual  warranty   and  a  training  PowerPoint.   Analytic  tool  licenses  also  come  with  two  free  hours  of  call  support.
Workshops:  each   workshop   participant   receives   a   Free   annual   license,  and   on-site   workshop  training,   for  each tool  listed  in  the  workshop  description.


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Consulting   services   generally  address   specific  guidance  or operational   issues  that   fall   outside   the   scope   of   customized   workshops  or  tools.
Examples  of  such  services   include:
Roles   and  workflows  for  complex  deal pursuits
Analysis  and  comparison  of  outsourcing  provider  capabilities
Application  &   infrastructure  services:  cost  benchmarks  &  trends