Outsourcing Customer Services

There  are  three  types of  RiteSourced  outsourcing  customer  advisory  services:  workshops  –   addressing  key  topics  within  four  areas  of  client  interest;  tools  –   that  provide  key  capabilities  in  analysis,  productivity  and  best  practices;  consulting   –  for  client  concerns  not  addressed  by  customized  workshops  or  tools.


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Seven   workshops    cover   four   topic  areas:    Creating    a    Successful    Outsourcing    RFP;     Using    an    RFP    to   Pick    the    Right    Provider;     Improving   Vendor   Performance    &   Value;     Discovering    Additional    Outsourcing    Opportunities.
All   participants   receive   a   free   annual   license   for   each   tool   used   in   the   workshop.
Each   workshop   is   held   at    the   client’s   site   and   is   customized   for   them.
A   post-workshop   webinar   is   held   with   participants,   addressing    their   experience   actively   using   new  knowledge   and   tools.

Each   workshop  topic  area   is   supported   by   four   tool   categories:   Analytic;    Best  Practices;    Frameworks;    Templates.
Tools   are    purchased   with   an  annual   license   or   lifetime   license  (Best  Practices).
Annual   tool   licenses   include   a   warranty   and   training  PowerPoint.   Analytic   PowerPoints   also   come   with   an  hour  of   call   support.
Workshops:   participants    receive   a   free   annual   license   for   each   tool   included   in   a   workshop.


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Consulting   services   generally  address   specific  guidance  or  operational   issues   that   fall   outside   the   scope   of   customized   workshops  or  tools.
Examples   of   delivered   services    include:
Roles   and  workflows   for  complex   deal   pursuits
Analysis   and   comparison   of   outsourcing   provider   capabilities
Application  &   infrastructure   services:  cost   benchmarks   and   trends